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From my conference notebook – “At every AIDS Conference some idiot presents a case for safe rape”

I wrote this while I was listening to a presentation of a study on sex work that listed unprotected forced sex next to sex with clients and private partners. How offensive is that ?  In Durban at a session I was chairing  I curtailed the presentation of some overpaid opportunist promoting the potential of the female condom to make rape safer. Or at least using the rape of sex workers to promote myths about the big plastic bag. He was talking about a Bangladeshi sex worker dragged into bushes and raped by several men who managed to use a female condom, which he had the cheek to suggest none of the rapists noticed. Female controlled prevention HURRAY !!!

 In Cambodia I have repeatedly heard HIV agencies listing police using condoms when raping sex workers as an indicator of successful HIV prevention. Now I see a pointless study presented in Vienna  exploring why sex workers do not use condoms with their spouses/regular partners says that sex workers were helpless to use a condom when they were ‘forced into unexpected group sex.’ Forced into unexpected group sex ??? How dare anyone rename gang rape to make it ammenable to the public health/ harm reduction discourse. Unable to use a condom ??? Here’s what one sex worker said at that session in Durban

” When you are being raped you need a gun not a condom.” 




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Tenofovir as a Microbicide Gel: Where are sex workers in the CAPRISA calculations ? Around the AIDS 2010 Sessions

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