Consultation on Sex Work and HIV in Asia and the Pacific

11/10/2010 at 09:08 1 comment

The Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers and UNFPA are holding a consultation on Sex Work and HIV in the Asia and the Pacific Region in Pattaya Thailand.  On October 10 and 11th the APNSW held a meeting of its members to prepare for the consultation.

Sex workers from Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Fiji, Papua, New Guinea; Cambodia and China are attending.

On the first day each country reported on human rights, health and law. Although there are some variations in details the same circumstances

  • Raids and arrests
  • Violence and rape by police
  • Unfair practices and exploitation by the people sex workers turn to for protection from arrests and violence.
  • Condoms confiscated and used as evidence
  • Lack of access to justice
  • Lack of mechanisms for challenging violations of rights
  • Unfriendly and inappropriate health services persist.

Some messages are being developed. So far they are :

  • Lack of access to primary health care.
  • Sex work is not trafficking
  • Trafficking is not sex work
  • Sex work is not for only women

Several sex workers are presenting at the consultation over the next couple of days.  Each afternoon sex workers will meet in country groups with the delegates from  their country.


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  • 1. Pisey Ly  |  11/10/2010 at 17:07

    My point of views, I feel sex workers come to discuss and try to solve problems that were not created by them, but probably by UN agencies, development agencies, duty barriers, and those who don’t get does sex work mean. People from these institutions should not spend lots of Dollars and Bahts to talk about what is best for sex workers and HIV programmes. They should had listened & taken action of what sex workers had told them after many years.

    Sex workers should not be bothered. There would have more times to make money, pay attention on health-care, taking care of family members, strengthening capacity, and so on.

    Let’s have a look what sex work and sex workers mean:
    – An occupation with one’s own body investment full of techniques and creativity with self reliant.
    – Not destroying dignity and value society, culture or anyone, including women.
    – Not to transmit any diseases
    – Not problem makers
    – Not slavery

    Sex work is a work and sex workers are simple persons–humans with human senses, dignity, value, and rights.

    But I know this is a way that big roosters try to make money from small potatoes like the capitalism. They create mess then give money to clear it picturing it like humanitarian and attention, but then collect it back–benefits & profits. Aren’t they like exploiters & traffickers?

    Sad and death system….

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