STOP – feminist violence against sex workers

09/11/2010 at 08:44 4 comments

By Leena Neena

“ The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) has been for years delivering a clear political statement committed to work towards a Europe free from prostitution, by supporting key abolitionist principles which state that the prostitution of women and girls constitutes a fundamental violation of women’s human rights, a serious form of male violence against women, and a key obstacle to gender equality in our societies. The EWL Centre on violence against women is now working on an EWL campaign to deliver a strong message towards a Europe free from prostitution.”

It is beyond belief that this kind of campaign can take place in this day and age. How do these people feel when they sit around deciding to do things like this without speaking to sex workers ?  No sex worker, no matter how they  came to the sex industry,   could mistake what this fist means. It means violence. No doubt the euro  feminists fantasise about the punch they are recommending landing on bad men – the fantasy pimps of their imagination –  and helping innocent girl victims who also live in their imaginations. But every sex worker knows that every  punch lands  on her /him no matter what fantasies are in the heads  of the punch throwers.

That this is a group that says it opposes violence is a joke.  These middle class  women who think they know better than us should be made to take responsibility for the violence they advocate. This campaign is what the Americans call ‘ hate speech’  But who will stop it ? Who can raise a voice in the face of the millions of dollars and euros driving violence against sex workers all over the world.

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