LA REDTRABSEX ECUADOR Denounces Abuses of Sex Workers in Quito

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Michael Williams via Elena Reynaga

Wednesday, Feb 7.

LA REDTRABSEX ECUADOR  La Red de Trabajadoras Sexuales de Latinoamérica y El Caribe today publicly denounced the abuses of human rights persecution and violence against the organisation Redtrabsex de Ecuador that happened lastThursday, for the part played by the police force in Quito.

Due to the constant police operations that imprison sex workers for their work, the workers are seeking a meeting with the Mayor to ask for the regulation of sex work and a cessation of the violence against the workers. After receiving no response, they organised a peaceful protest outside the Quito Council building last Thursday. With placards ‘sex work is a reality, say no to repression, say yes to a solution’ they waited for the council session to finish for the council members to come out, when the workers had to run bruised and injured after being beaten by the metropolitan police. One of the workers, a militant defendant of human rights was gravely injured, and others received heavy blows. La Redtrabsex says ‘Ecuador has for a long time proposed a lot of legislation for workers in the district of Quito, but the Secretary of Security does not consider the claims of the workers and does not even meet with them to hear our claims. The sex workers of Ecuador have been subjected to illegal detention and multiple assaults by the state that have been denounced nationally and internationally. We express emphatic support for the initiative of REDTRABSEX Ecuador for sex worker to be recognised as equal work to any other form of work’.

Sex Workers in Ecuador demand:

1. Immediately cessation of the violence and repression by the Quito City Council against sex workers

2. That the Ecuadorian state engages in dialgoue and enacts  law to regulate sex work throughout the country


Entry filed under: human rights and law.

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