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Are things getting better? Is the glass half full ?

I am in the UK at the moment where the murders of three women have bought sex work and law reform back into the spotlight.  Although there is no upside to these murders it is impossible to ignore that the media coverage has been far more sympathetic than previously.  Politicians, police, church groups and local residents have all spoken about the women in the British media  with compassion and respect .  The term ‘sex worker’ has been used more often than ‘prostitute’. Excellent spokespeople from sex workers organizations and sex work projects have put their points without interviewers sneering and undermining them as used to happen. I hope at least this means that the children and other family members of the murdered women are less distressed and shamed than sex workers who were murdered  in more brutal bygone days.

The media coverage has seamlessly segued into a discussion of whether sex work should be decriminalized and, to a lesser degree, if more treatment available to heroin addicted women. I was pleased to hear the former Attorney General Vera Baird proudly announcing government support for the Ugly Mugs anti violence program 30 years after its invention in the Prostitutes Collective in Australia.[1] The ‘usual suspects’ – fundamentalist feminists are baying for the full force of the law to bought down on men who pay for sex who don’t murder anyone. I sense they are the only ones calling for more criminal laws more vigorously enforced. Although they do appear to be disproportionately influential, dominating as they do the Guardian and BBC radio’s editorial positions on the issue. (more…)


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